About me

Hi! I'm Klöen. Software developer, hobby writer and game developer wanna be.

I've worked on many projects in the past, from translations to small fixes and even bigger features... But with the past of time I've came to the conclusion that if I wanted to progress further on my own ideas I should start off from my own roots, so that's the reason behind this website and all the content that's meant to be here, like my small software projects, writings and also some translation works I'm starting to do while I'm learning japanese.

So TL;DR: You can expect more translations, writings and even software from me, so if you end up liking my work, it would be really cool if you could...

Support me

You can support my work with the following methods:

All the money collected is used to maintain this website and help on multiple free time projects that eventually will end under the 'Projects' section.

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