Hi! I'm Klöen. Currently a Full Stack Software Developer, also a hobby writer and game developer wanna be.

The current goal for this website it's to gather all the information about my current, past and maybe future projects, from things I work on my free time, libraries or tools I've made. Right now I'm focused in build a better version of this website and my game databases, also considering making a few new ones, but time will say... I'm also working a few open source libraries, and will eventually publish some tools I made to help me with my needs while working on all of the above. In addition I'm also writing a small, or maybe not that much story, and I'll release it eventually too here.

So TL;DR: You can expect more game databases, open source stuff, and even some stories, so if you end up liking my work, it would be really cool if you could...

Support me

You can support my current and future work with the following methods:

All the money collected is used to cover the expenses of this website and help on the multiple free time projects I'm currently working on that eventually will end under the Projects section.

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