Full Stack Developer

The most important thing, it's that you will never know if your idea works or not if you don't really try it. So let's just go ahead and do it.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke
Core Competencies
Computer Literacy 9/10
Problem Solving 9/10
Creative Thinking 8/10
Commitment to Excellence 7.5/10
Outstanding Knowledge
Java 9.5/10
HTML & CSS 9/10
Databases 7.5/10
JavaScript & NodeJS 8/10
Bash & Batch 7/10
C++ 5/10
Full Stack Developer
Designed and implemented a modular DevOps solution to deploy dockerized containers in private cloud platforms. Designed and implemented ELK Stack solution to store, centralize, and search logs of deployed containers. Designed and implemented team workflows with Git. Designed and implemented DevOps solution for internal development process. Designed and implemented a private cloud solution using RancherOS. Developed libraries to parse and work with WSDLs and JSON Schemas. Developed a solution to interact with Elasticsearch API and send alert messages on detected errors on application logs.
Junior Software Developer
Performed QA tests over SOA Web Services. Improved SOA Web Service development tools. Implemented a TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid platform. Developed and maintaned a DevOps solution to deploy and promote SOA Web Services. Managed multiple environments, from Development to Production with a total of 83 virtual machines.
Junior Software Developer
Developed API integrations with external systems. Performed QA checks and modifications over existing software and SQL queries. Developed internal test website over the company API and software. Modified software libraries to track response times in each step of the HTTP requests.
Multiplatform Software Development
Software development in Java and Android. Operating systems management for both Windows and Linux based OS, and scripting with Bash and Batch.
Web Applications Development
Web application development with XHTML and CSS. Scripting with JavaScript.
Android Game Development
Android game development in Java using LibGDX.